Standing Desks: Are They Worth It?

Standing Desks: Are They Worth It?

Standing Desks: Are They Worth It?

Even for those of us that spend most of our time outside the scope of the fitness industry, it can often be hard to avoid overhearing about the alleged benefits of standing desks, stand-up workstations, and other ‘stand while you work’ solutions— typically utilized by office employees who claim to be taking on incredible new challenges with the simple act of not using a chair like their chronically-sitting compatriots.

However, is there anything to the claim that less sitting equates a healthier life? Or, is standing while you work a fad that we can expect to fall by the wayside? Unfortunately for those of us who love leisure time (and let’s face it, that applies to most of us), an increasing amount of research is mounting to support the hypothesis that excess sitting can wreak early havoc on even the bodies of those who exercise regularly.

Many researchers, particularly in recent years, have levied the claim that a lifetime of sitting can be more harmful than a lifetime of smoking— heart disease, various cancers, and even type 2 diabetes have all been significantly linked to increases in time spent sitting —not exactly good news for those whose jobs or lifestyles require them to spend eight or more hours per day in front of a computer screen.

So, while this may not change the fact that your beloved coworker follows new fitness fads every summer, there seems to be a lot of science backing up this particular fad. If you’re looking to make positive, long-term changes for your own cardiovascular benefit, read ahead below— we’ve featured a handful of standing desk kits and accessories from Titan to get you started.


Looking to break into the world of standing desks at the entry level? This one might be perfect— it features an electric, single-motor design that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing at will throughout your day. You won’t have to worry about intense assembly instructions or excess knowledge on the culture of standing work spaces— it’s designed to allow simple installation of a wide range of desk tops custom tailored to your specifications, so you can find a desk setup that’s right for your home or office and get the ball rolling.

This desk kit avoids being too much of an investment, and is great for those who’d like to experiment with standing work without committing too heavily into the culture. Worst case scenario, you’ll have an adjustable, sitting desk that’s built to last.


Enjoy standing while you work, and in the market for a more heavy duty solution? This dual motor design expands on the concept of the A2 while providing a much more capable motor system for lifting heavier desktops— or even just those seated with heavier content. This sit-stand desk could also serve as a solution for those in need of a variable space to work with their hands or operate simple machinery— garages, workshops, and studios could benefit from the easily customizable nature of this desk kit.


Need a quick and easy solution? This S5 desk frame can be adjusted to your liking using an included hand crank mechanism— no electricity or motor required. This starter kit can make for an ideal solution for those that need a standing desk in a versatile location, or those looking to purchase adjustable sit to stand desks in bulk to give their office space an upgrade.