Wall Balls

Composite & Soft Leather Exercise Wall Balls

Weighted medicine wall balls are great with a partner passed back and forth, or solo throwing them at a wall. Soft and grippable Titan medicine wall balls target multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously.

Weighted medicine wall balls are great with a partner passed back and forth, or solo throwing them at a wall. Soft and grippable Titan medicine wall balls target multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously.

How To Find The Best Wall Balls Online For Your Home Gym

Wall balls are on trend these days for routines and sports that involve throwing an ergonomically weighted ball against a wall. They're super popular in all kinds of workout regimens you can do in your gym.

What's the difference between wall balls, slam balls, and medicine balls?

Wall balls are sometimes confused with slam balls and medicine balls. All these balls are weighted but vary in size and are used for different training purposes. Compared to medicine and slam balls, wall balls are usually larger, and they're designed to be especially tough for slamming against a wall.

How are wall balls made?

Wall balls are constructed of durable material, such as composite, then encased in a soft, grip-friendly outer casing that’s stitched together. For example, this 6 LB Composite Wall Ball is made with a heavy-duty poly-composite laminate, then covered with tightly stitched PP cotton material to keep the ball snug and secure against impact.

What wall ball equipment do I need?

Wall ball is great for home gym users who don’t have a lot of space. You don’t need bulky equipment — just a wall and a ball. However, if you don’t have much room, you might want to invest in a storage rack to keep your wall balls safely in one place. This Wall Mounted Medicine Ball Storage unit has plenty of space for medicine, slam, and wall balls, plus it frees up floor space for your other home gym equipment.

What weight wall ball should I use?

Wall balls come in various weights and sizes, each offering different benefits. If you’re new to wall balls, it’s a good idea to start with a lighter weight — typically six or eight pounds — and work your way up. At an advanced level, you’ll want wall balls weighing 10 to 20 (or even 30) pounds. For example, this 20 LB Soft Leather Medicine Wall Ball has an ergonomic design that's perfect for standard wall ball toss routines. Having a wide selection of wall balls in your home gym means you can use different weights for your workout routines. This set of 6 Lb-14 Lb Composite Wall Balls offers a great selection of wall balls designed to help you burn calories, exercise your core, and develop muscular endurance.

How Do You Use Wall Balls?

Wall balls are used in exercises that develop upper- and lower-body strength, balance, and coordination, while targeting your core, chest, abs, legs, and shoulders. Classic wall ball moves include throws, slams, and tosses from various positions, including standing, kneeling, and squatting. Each of these moves provides specific benefits. For example, slams target your core, shoulders, and arms, while squats are great for full-body exercises. This 10 LB Soft Leather Medicine Wall Ball is ideal for squat routines because it's just the right weight to provide an effective core workout.

What are some wall ball exercises

Wall ball toss: The classic wall ball toss is a powerful move that helps you develop balance and coordination in your upper and lower body. It also increases strength in your core, shoulders, and hips. You start by squatting, then throwing the ball against the wall. You use your hip power to throw while your arms guide the ball. To catch the ball on the rebound, reverse the move by bending and lowering your arms, then slowly squatting. Wall ball slam: To execute a slam, hold the ball and stand with your feet apart at shoulder width, with your knees slightly bent. Lift the ball overhead, inhale, and slam the ball against the ground. To improve impact while throwing, bend forward at your waist and use your core muscles to throw the ball down as forcefully as possible. Be sure to contract your abdomen and exhale while throwing. Use your arms to stay balanced, and when the ball bounces off the floor, catch it. Target games: You can vary wall ball exercises by using targets, which can be mounted on your wall or existing equipment. For example, you can install this Mounted Wall Ball Target on your power rack uprights to create a space-saving wall ball station in your home gym. Try searching YouTube. You’ll find plenty of highly effective wall ball squats and exercises to spice up your daily workouts.

Why should I use wall balls?

If used regularly in your workout routine, wall balls can: Increase upper- and lower-body power and strength, Be used in focus exercises targeting abs, pecs, and other muscles, Help build leg and shoulder endurance, Provide fat-burning and cardio-boosting benefits, Help develop balance and coordination, Improve hand-eye coordination. Thanks to their versatility, wall balls are used for lightweight workouts or heavy-duty cardio routines — it’s all up to you.

How Much Do Wall Balls Cost?

A reputable dealer should have a variety of wall balls for sale, including larger weights and sizes. Check out this 30 LB Composite Wall Ball. which you can buy solo or as part of a set. As with any home gym equipment, if you’re shopping for wall balls online, you’ll want to find the best quality you can afford — and that’s where Titan Fitness can help. Titan Fitness offers premium quality without the premium price. You can save enough money to fill your home gym with all the equipment you need without breaking the bank. Plus, you get free shipping and a one-year warranty on all merchandise.