Medicine Balls

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A medicine ball is the perfect companion for today's high-intensity workouts. We offer medicine balls for sale that are great for wall balls, passing to a partner, or core work. Order today and take advantage of our unbeatable pricing and free shipping.

A medicine ball is the perfect companion for today's high-intensity workouts. We offer medicine balls for sale that are great for wall balls, passing to a partner, or core work. Order today and take advantage of our unbeatable pricing and free shipping.

Medicine Balls

Strength training is just as important as aerobic exercise as part of a full-body fitness routine. Strength training can incorporate many different pieces of home gym equipment, including dumbbells, weight machines, and medicine balls. Medicine balls are a type of weight ball suitable for all fitness levels. They come in various sizes and weights, ranging from 2 lbs to 30 lbs. If you're considering adding medicine balls to your home gym, learn more about this piece of fitness equipment below.

What are medicine balls used for?

Medicine balls are a type of weight ball and are an excellent tool for building strength. While traditional weightlifting builds foundational strength, training with medicine balls can help you develop explosive power. Absorbing, producing, and directing that power is fantastic for physical and mental health and wellness. Titan Fitness has an extensive line of weight and medicine balls, including wall balls, slam balls, and dual grip balls. For instance, our Dual Grip Medicine Ball is perfect for developing the muscles in your shoulder and forearms, while also helping to improve your dexterity and grip.

Why is it called a medicine ball?

The modern medicine ball dates back to 1889 when an instructor at the Boston YMCA, R.J. Roberts, coined the name to refer to the ball's healing qualities when used as part of an overall fitness routine. But did you know that what we consider medicine balls have existed in different forms for around 3,000 years? This workout equipment dates back to ancient Persia and ancient Greece when they used sand-filled bladders to play games and exercise.

What is a medicine ball made of?

Titan Fitness carries high-quality rubber medicine balls, soft leather medicine balls, and composite medicine balls. Medicine balls can be filled with sand, air, or gel. A sand-filled medicine ball is great for throwing and catching — alone or with others — but it does not bounce. Composite medicine balls, such as our 8 lb Composite Wall Ball, are crafted from a blend of durable materials, making them stronger than vinyl medicine balls, while maintaining a smooth and grippable exterior. Some medicine balls, such as wall balls, have a solid inner core surrounded by air or gel, which gives it the ability to bounce off a wall or floor. These types of medicine balls can also be used alone or in a group exercise, but they're perfect for solo exercises, such as bouncing the ball off a wall and catching it, hence the term ‘wall balls'.

How much does a medicine ball weigh?

Titan Fitness medicine balls range in weight from 4 lbs to 30 lbs (see our 30 lb Soft Leather Medicine Wall Ball). Our lighter-weight medicine balls, such as our 4 lb Rubber Medicine Ball are an excellent beginner piece of equipment. The light weight helps you acclimate to proper form when tossing and catching. When used as part of your fitness routine, the 4 lb ball can help you extend your range of motion while enhancing your flexibility.

How should I use a medicine ball?

Medicine ball workouts usually consist of different exercises or movements repeated in alternating succession. If you're just starting out, begin with the muscle groups and movements you can do easily and work your way up from there, always ensuring you're listening to your body. Some exercises you can try include: Lunges with overhead press, Lunges with twist, Reverse swings, Squat presses, Squat press with throw. You can use a medicine ball in a variety of ways depending on your fitness level, the part of the body you want to target, and your current overall core strength. As you improve your fitness level, core strength, and range of motion, you can incorporate new exercises and movements. You can also use a medicine ball: As your 'spotter' when doing squats; To tone your inner thighs by squeezing the ball between your knees, To gauge your power level by measuring the distance of your throw, If you can, consider joining a fitness group at your local gym, signing up for a medicine ball class, or watching videos of professionals doing the exercises to learn the proper form for each type of movement.

What size medicine ball is best for beginners?

It's important to consider your current fitness level and strength when choosing the best medicine ball weight. If you're just starting out on your fitness journey, choose lightweight medicine balls around 4 to 5 pounds. For instance, you could begin with a 4 lb Rubber Medicine Ball. Once 4 pounds begins to feel too easy and you've completely mastered movements, you could move up to a 6 lb Soft Leather Medicine Wall Ball. Over time, you can move up to a 10 lb, 12 lb, and 14 lb Rubber Medicine Ball. As you build your core, your strength, power, explosivity, and endurance will continue to develop. With enough commitment and practice, you can even work up to the Titan Fitness 30 lb Composite Wall Ball. Titan also offers heavier weights for advanced athletes. You may want to think about getting a range of weights and styles. Different sizes, styles, and weights of medicine balls work better for different exercises. Our medicine ball storage tree is the perfect way to keep your exercise area tidy as you grow your selection of medicine balls and other home gym equipment.

What is a slam ball?

A slam ball is a type of medicine ball. It should be noted, however, that a traditional medicine ball is not a slam ball. A slam ball, as its name suggests, is perfect for solo exercise in which you throw the slam ball at a wall or other solid surface and it does not bounce at all. A traditional medicine ball, like those filled with sand, should not be used as a slam ball. The construction of these two types of home gym equipment is different: Slam balls are designed to withstand the impact of high-intensity 'slams', but a sand-filled medicine ball, for example, could rupture when used in this manner. Our 10 lb Rubber Tread Slam Ball is great for solo or partnered workouts and can help improve your muscle mass and endurance. When used with a partner, this treaded slam ball helps improve hand/eye coordination, while the treaded exterior offers superior grip.

What are some other differences between slam balls and medicine balls?

Here's a breakdown of the main differences between traditional medicine balls and slam balls: Weight. Traditional medicine balls are typically no heavier than 30 pounds, while a slam ball can weigh as much as 150 pounds. Titan Fitness's heaviest medicine ball is our 30 lb Soft Leather Medicine Ball, which is a softer (yet just as durable!) version of our 30 lb Composite Wall Ball. In contrast, our heaviest slam balls are the 60 lb Rubber Slam Ball and the 150 lb Rubber Tread Slam Ball. Size. A medicine ball's circumference is typically much greater than that of a slam ball. Material. A medicine ball is softer — some are even somewhat malleable and have no solid inner core. A slam ball has a solid inner core and is firm (think of the difference between a volleyball and a baseball). Price. Greater weight and robust materials usually come at a premium, often making a slam ball cost more than a traditional medicine ball. If you're looking to buy medicine balls online, consider Titan Fitness’s range of high-quality, exquisitely crafted medicine balls. In addition, consider the exercises you plan to do with a medicine ball and your starting fitness level. This can help you choose the type, weight, and material that works best for you and your fitness goals. Need help choosing the right home medicine balls? Reach out to one of our experts today.