Gymnastic Rings

Olympic Gymnastic Rings Available In Straps And Buckle, Wall Mounted & More

Shop Titan Olympic gymnastic rings made with heavy duty straps and state of the art buckle system for quick set up and adjustment. Unbeatable prices and free shipping.

Shop Titan Olympic gymnastic rings made with heavy duty straps and state of the art buckle system for quick set up and adjustment. Unbeatable prices and free shipping.

Your Guide To Gymnastics Rings

Thinking of installing gymnastic rings for your endurance sessions? Gymnastics rings have numerous fitness benefits and work the entire body. They are excellent as part of a HIIT circuit or muscular endurance session, and what's more, they're affordable and easy to set up. Discover how Titan gymnastics rings can help you incorporate this excellent bodyweight exercise into your home workouts today.

Can you build muscle with gymnastics rings?

It takes incredible strength to hold yourself up on the rings, let alone perform routines and exercises. So yes, using rings is a fantastic way to build muscle. You'll also build muscles across your whole body, including delts, abs, forearms, biceps, shoulders, upper back, and pectorals. With gymnastics rings, you can perform numerous strength exercises. For example, basic pull-ups can be used for a fantastic body weight endurance workout, or a weighted belt can be accelerated and made into a strength-based workout. Another great endurance exercise is the steady rings or flying rings, an incredibly tough endurance exercise in which you hold a position for an extended period, either with your arms beside you or extended horizontally.

Who can benefit from gymnastics rings?

In short, anyone. Titan gymnastics rings certainly aren't exclusively for gymnasts; whether you're a bodybuilder, footballer, or someone who wants to work on their muscular endurance, Titan gymnastics rings can help you work out and improve your strength and endurance at home.

Are gymnastics rings worth it?

Yes, gymnastic rings are great value for an all-encompassing full-body workout. These versatile pieces of equipment can perform a wide range of movements; they are mobile, so you can even detach them and take them on vacation with you. Gymnastics rings are excellent for: Building muscle, Joint strength, Flexibility, Strengthening Core Muscles, Muscular Endurance, and Cardiovascular workouts

Which type of gymnastics rings should I buy?

The three main types of gymnastics rings are wooden, metal, and plastic. However, wooden rings are by far the best regarding grip as they don't become slippery as you work out. Plastic and metal rings become difficult to grip, making your workout harder and less safe. At Titan, both sets of rings we offer are made from wood and come with a 1.5-inch thick strap and buckle to give you the best and safest gymnastics ring workout possible.

Which size gymnastics rings should I buy?

This will depend on your hand size. We offer two sets of rings, 28mm and 32mm wooden gymnastics rings. This is the thickness of the ring itself, so a smaller hand will be suited to the 28mm and a larger hand the 32mm.

How much do Titan gymnastics rings cost?

At Titan, we have various gymnastics ring products to help you incorporate this fantastic bodyweight exercise into your home workout routines. Choose between our four gymnastic rings products: Ceiling Mounted Ring Hanger, 32mm Wood Olympic Gymnastic Rings - 1.5in W Heavy Duty Thick Straps & Buckle, Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar With 8in Wood Olympic Gymnastic Rings, 28mm Wood Olympic Gymnastic Rings - 1.5in W Heavy Duty Thick Straps & Buckle. First, purchase the ceiling-mounted ring hanger for a safe, durable way of attaching your gymnastics rings to the ceiling. Then choose between our 32mm or 28mm wooden gymnastics rings, attach them to the ring hanger, and you'll have a safe, solid, and secure set of gymnastic rings you can start using immediately. If you have any more questions regarding gymnastics rings and which ones are right for you, please contact the Titan Customer Service Team today.

What are Titan gymnastics rings made from?

Titan gymnastics rings are constructed with heavy-duty, durable wood that will last years' worth of workouts. The rings can support weights of up to 600 lbs and are 9.25 inches in diameter; Titan gymnastics rings are solid, durable rings you can trust and use to maximize your at-home bodyweight workouts.

How do you hang gymnastics rings?

Installing gymnastics rings at home is relatively straightforward. First, find a suitable spot to hang them. This place should have enough space to swing and hang from the rings, close to where you perform workouts. You need to find something secure, such as an existing beam, pull-up bar, or structural element sturdy enough to support your weight and lots of movement.

How should you tie Titan gymnastics rings?

Tying gymnastic rings is easy, as Titan gymnastics rings come with a cam strap. First, thread the straps through the rings and take each one in each hand. Then, press and hold the cam lock mechanism and thread the other end of the strap through it. Pull it through the teeth until tight or at the desired length you need the rings to hang. Once completed, there you have it, a set of rings you can now seamlessly use as part of a strength and endurance routine.

How far apart should gymnastics rings be?

Gymnastic rings are 50 cm apart by Olympic standards. The rings are parallel and raised 2.5 meters (8 feet) above the ground. Your home ring setup doesn't need to be precise, just a similar distance apart to make your workouts comfortable.

Are gymnastics rings safe?

Yes, Titan’s gymnastics rings are safe when adequately secured. With Titan's ceiling-mounted ring hanger, you'll be able to work out safely in the knowledge your rings are attached securely, meaning you can focus entirely on your workout. You can also adjust the length to suit you and make it easier or harder to reach and create a shorter distance to fall when you let go.