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Shop a great selection of Titan gymnastic equipment including rings, bars, mats, and more. With Titan you always get unbeatable prices and free shipping.

Shop a great selection of Titan gymnastic equipment including rings, bars, mats, and more. With Titan you always get unbeatable prices and free shipping.

What is the most important gymnastics equipment for sale to have at home?

You can choose to outfit your home gym in a variety of ways, depending on which gymnastics events you are most interested in. But, in general, some of the most popular gymnastics equipment for home gyms are balance beams, floor mats, bars, and some gym accessories. Balance Beams: Having a balance beam at home is the best way for beginners to improve their balance. Intermediate gymnasts can practice cartwheels and headstands. Advanced gymnasts can practice moves like back walkovers, front walkovers, and splits on the beam. Gymnastics Floor Mats: It's essential to have a mat to practice on at home so you don't injure yourself on a hard floor. Mats are perfect for beginner tumbling, handstands, cartwheels, rolls, and walkovers. Gymnastic Bars: A set of adjustable bars like our Titan Fitness 5-in-1 Gymnastics Bar, is ideal for strength training and overall bar performance. Gymnastics Accessories: Gymnastics accessories include pull-up bars, fitness balls, resistance bands, and hand weights.

What is the main equipment used in gymnastics?

There is no one main type of equipment used in gymnastics. The most popular home-based gymnastics equipment are balance beams, floor mats, bars, and gymnastic rings. However, other gymnastics accessories, like pull-up bars and balance balls, can help you strengthen muscles and improve your overall performance in gymnastics. Gymnasts use a wide variety of equipment, including: Balance Beams, Gymnastic Balls, Gymnastics Clubs, High Bars, Hoops, Horizontal Bars, Mats, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horses, Rings, Ropes, Single Bar Trainers, Spotting Blocks, Trampolines, Tumble Tracks, Uneven Bars, Vaults, Vault Spring Boards. If you have any questions about the best equipment for your needs, contact us — we're always happy to help.

Can beginners do gymnastics at home without equipment?

These are some of the most basic beginner's exercises you can do without equipment: Walking on toes/on a line: Not only do gymnasts need strong calf muscles for bounding and explosive power, practicing walking on a line is a precursor to balance beam work. Splits: Practice stretching into a runner’s lunge, with your legs out in a “v,” or into the splits if you’re able. Flexibility, specifically in these positions, is key in gymnastics. Scales: Scales involve standing on one leg and lifting the other leg directly in front of you or directly behind you. Also called arabesques, these are great for improving your balance, flexibility, and strength. Jumps: Keep your body as tight as possible as you bend down and jump as high as you can. Leaps: These are an important part of gymnastics. Keep your legs straight as you leap, and try to get as high off the ground as possible. Make sure you practice safely and get advice from a fitness trainer or coach before attempting any complicated moves.

What should I look for when buying gymnastics equipment online?

When purchasing home gymnastics equipment online, ensure the supplier you choose meets the following criteria: High-Quality Equipment: Make sure that the supplier you choose offers high-quality equipment made from durable materials and designed to last. For instance, look for balance beams with a suede surface, so you can gain a sense of what it feels like to practice on a competition beam, and gymnastics mats made from PVC Tarpaulin or other tough, durable materials. High-quality equipment can help reduce the chance of injury and also offer lasting value. Good reviews: Read the supplier's reviews on their website to ensure that other customers have been satisfied with their gymnastic equipment for home use. Verify that the company provides excellent customer service as well as quality merchandise. You can find customer reviews for our products underneath the product descriptions on each page. Titan Fitness offers a curated selection of high-quality, professional gymnastic equipment for home. Browse through our range of balance beams, rings, gymnastics bars, and mats.

Where can I buy gymnastics equipment?

You can buy gymnastics equipment online as well as at sporting goods stores and some large department stores. Buying your next piece of gymnastic equipment online offers the convenience of having it delivered straight to your front door.