Gymnastics Bars

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Shop Titan gymnastic bars, kip bars, ballet barre bars, and more. Strengthen your core muscles with these excellent fitness tools. Unbeatable prices and free shipping.

Shop Titan gymnastic bars, kip bars, ballet barre bars, and more. Strengthen your core muscles with these excellent fitness tools. Unbeatable prices and free shipping.

Gymnastic Bars

Gymnastics bars are excellent fitness tools for kids and adults, whether you’re starting the sport or already practicing as a mature gymnast. Gymnastics is a motivational sport that keeps you fit and healthy while building confidence and courage. Plus, learning and practicing gymnastics moves is a fun alternative to traditional workouts! The best gymnastics bars provide a way to strengthen core muscles and enhance muscle memory with increased skills, balance, and coordination. Gymnastics bars can also vary in their purpose, quality, and durability, so it’s essential to know the differences before choosing one. While many gyms have gymnastics equipment set up for members to practice, others focus solely on gymnastics and will have bars for adults and kids to use. But, if you prefer to work out at home or rarely have time to get to the gym, you may wish to invest in a high-quality set of home gymnastics bars. Titan Fitness gymnastics bars are affordable, versatile, and easy to set up, so you can improve your performance and get practice hours whenever you want. Our Titan Fitness 5-in-1 Bar and Jr. Gymnastics Kip Bar are both adjustable, making it easy to choose your desired height for the bars. The Gymnastics Cast Trainer is a separate apparatus that attaches to a Kip Bar to help you practice casts at home. And the Double Freestanding Ballet Barre and Wall Mounted Ballerina Barre are home gymnastics bars that help you practice various movements.

What should the height of a gymnastics bar be?

When you purchase a gymnastics bar online or in person, the height you select depends on a few factors. Do you want to be able to practice one event at a fixed height? If so, use the following guide: Uneven bars: These have a low bar and a high bar. The appropriate heights for kids can vary, but stay within the following ranges and increase both bar heights equally. Low bar: 37 inches to 52 inches. High bar: 60 inches to 75 inches. Parallel bars: These bars should sit at equal heights between 36 to 56 inches. If you want bars that you can use for multiple events, it’s best to buy gymnastics bars like the Titan Fitness 5-in-1 Bar that you can adjust based on your needs.

How tall is the high bar in gymnastics?

The high bar in gymnastics competitions is 9.1 feet. The height of a high bar for practicing depends on the user’s preference and skill level. However, many gymnastics bars offer three to six adjustable heights, letting you reposition the bar as required. Our Titan Fitness 5-in-1 Bar and Jr. Gymnastics Kip Bar have adjustable heights from 36 to 56 inches, making them ideal for children of various ages.

How tall is the low bar in gymnastics?

The low bar measures 5.6 feet in competition. But while your children are learning, you can and should adjust the height during training.

How tall are the uneven bars in gymnastics?

The uneven bars are set at two heights, hence the name “uneven.” You can adjust the uneven bars depending on your child’s age and size, but typically the low bar will be around 36 inches high, and the high bar will be about 56 inches tall.

How thick is a gymnastics bar?

The thickness of competition gymnastics bars is 2.8 cm or about 1 inch. Practice gymnastics bars' thickness depends on the bar type. Our Kip Bar has a diameter of 1.375 inches. The Jr. Gymnastics 5-in-1 Bar has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

What are gymnastics bars made of?

Competition gymnastics bars are made of fiberglass with a wood coating and are held with a steel frame. The makeup of practice gymnastics bars depends on the style and type of bars. Titan Fitness’s Jr. Kip Bar and the Jr. Gymnastics 5-in-1 Bar are both made from white ash wood with a heavy-gauge steel tubing frame to stand up to years of use. The Double Freestanding Ballet Barre is made of lightweight, powder-coated white aluminum. And the Wall Mounted Ballerina Barre is made of premium beech wood with powder-coated steel brackets.

How do I use an indoor gymnastics bar at home?

Our indoor gymnastics bars are perfect for performing gymnastics movements and practicing at home. To set up the bar, follow the instructions with your Kip Bar, 5-in-1 Bar, or Cast Trainer, and place a 4- to 6-inch thick mat underneath. This mat helps to prevent injury when practicing on the bars. Our gymnastics bars for sale can be assembled in minutes, and you can set them up wherever you plan to use them! Training from home is ideal because it makes it easy to practice at any time throughout the day.

What is a ‘cast’ on bars in gymnastics?

A cast is a basic gymnastic routine skill on the uneven bars in which the body is moved from a support position. When a gymnast is front hanging, they swing their knee up to touch the bar and then slide upward into a handstand. A Gymnastics Cast Trainer is a separate apparatus that attaches to a Kip Bar to make it easy to practice casts at home.

How do you improve performance on gymnastics bars?

The best way to get better at gymnastics bars is to have a bar or set of bars to practice on at home or at your local gym. In addition to practicing moves and routines on the bars, you can also do multiple strength and agility training exercises off the bar. Strength movements such as pull-ups, dips, and bench presses help you increase your upper-body strength and coordination, which will help make you a better gymnast.

How much does a gymnastics bar cost?

The price of gymnastics bars for sale can vary greatly. If you only need a basic version with minimal weight support, you can opt for a lower cost one like the Jr. Gymnastics Kip Bar. An adjustable set, like our Jr. Gymnastics 5-in-1 Bar are more versatile and can be used as both uneven bars and parallel bars. In addition, the Gymnastics Cast Trainer can be used as an accessory with the Kip Bar.